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we love hair.

KIN is a luxury wellness brand for salon professionals. We have been evolving over the past 90 years to bring you the very best in vegan formulas.


Our experience as researchers, formulators and cosmetic manufacturers means that our products exceed the demands of our professional clients.


As a brand we dare to break established norms and are constantly growing and innovating.


We aim to continue to grow sustainably as a company through cleaner forumlas and more sustainable packaging.


Yes our colour range formulas have no ingredients of animal origin.

Our Kinessence range is an Ammonia Free Hybrid Colour. We are so excited to be able to provide our clients an ammonia free professional colour option.

Yes! The versatile formula allows you to use KINESSENCE Colour as a permanent colour and as a demi-permanent colour, simply by changing the mixing ratio.

Yes! Our KIN ranges are made from naturally derived ingredients with ancient oils. Please reach out to our team for product breakdowns.